Dr. Robert Svoboda – Living with Reality – Ep. 32 – Planets, Prana and Purpose with Paula Crossfield 

Dr. Svoboda and Paula Crossfield discuss finding purpose with the help of planets in the great game of cosmic pinball.

Dr. Svoboda and Paula Crossfield discuss finding purpose with the help of planets in the great game of cosmic pinball.

Planetary Indications 

Dr. Svoboda says that Saturn is the planet of experiences. It is the archetypal force that reminds us that we must accept the responsibility to have experiences. Whether we want an experience or not, we have to interact with reality. On the surface, we see the movement of karma and certain causes and effects. However, what is behind everything is difficult to see. Sometimes looking at the movements of the nine planets can give us insight. Planets can indicate which karmas will be manifested at which moment based on how they are constellated in the moment and in your horoscope. Planets themselves do not make things happen, but they make us aware of what has the likelihood of happening.

“All the planets are doing is encouraging you to perceive the world in the way that they perceive it. That will materially influence the decisions that you make and how to deal with situations that you find yourself put in because of those karmas.”  – Dr. Svoboda 

Follow your Prana (7:52)

Let’s all make a commitment to follow our prana. Prana is a life force for your life and everything that is around you. Dr. Svoboda says that if we consciously decide to say yes to the directions the universe is pulling us in, we will be following our prana. Dharma is what you are put here on the planet to do, often in terms of a career. Prana is what we need to be aligned with in order to discover the dharma. 

“It’s sort of like cosmic pinball; we’re living our purpose based on these forces that we can’t always understand, pushing us in different directions at different times based on what the influences are.” – Paula Crossfield 

Personality and Karma (18:14)

We glide into a discussion of personality and spirituality can affect our karma. Dr. Svoboda says that the whole point of spiritual development is for your personality to progressively change. By this, he means that any limitations will be reduced and all aspects that are altruistic and beneficial for all of humanity will be enhanced. This process must go on during the day when you are walking down the street, not just when you are meditating. Reality consists of everything that is not you, you are just a part of reality. This relationship between you and reality is always shifting, and whatever comes into your part of reality is due to your karmas. The more we can do positive actions and get our karma balanced, the more we can then put our energy into the supreme reality and prana.

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A Healthy Relationship to Money (40:01)

When we think about our purpose in life, sometimes we can get lost in trying to make money. Paula asks Dr. Svoboda how we can be mindful of money without being obsessed with it or totally renouncing it. He tells us that we need to put energy into figuring out how to earn a living. We need to be able to take care of ourselves and our families. This does not mean we are spiritually wrong (as long as our motivation is not only to make more and more money). Once we are secured enough in our income, then we can have a healthy relationship with money. That is the ultimate goalto spend less time thinking about money and more time focusing on our real purpose.

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