RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 39 – Resting in Presence

RamDev – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 39 - Resting in Presence

RamDev shares a dharma talk and meditation around opening the heart in a way that allows for rest in God’s presence.

Grace is Always There

Have you ever had trouble feeling the same sense of love or grace that a lot of people talk about feeling? Dale shares his own experience of feeling far from grace and the lesson he learned about opening to a quality of grace that is always around us.

Resting in Presence (5:40)

How does having an open heart affect our experience of suffering? Dale looks at how practices of the heart bring calm to the mind and allow for rest in God’s presence.

“For most of us, we have to learn to pay attention to the things that block our hearts, so that we can slowly purify through awareness. Once the heart is open enough, the mind gets balanced. We can let life come to us because we are not afraid of suffering. When suffering comes, we can have compassion for it.” – RamDev RamDev

Trust and Surrender (15:45)

Dale offers a 15-minute meditation around opening our heart to presence.

“We are still in these more dualistic begining and intermediate stages of practice. We have to work with suffering and difficult emotions that show us very cleary what we need to let go of identifying with – letting go of attachment and of grasping.” – RamDev RamDev

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Photo by Amy Treasure and Aaron Burden on Unsplash