Krishna Das – Ep. 80 – By His Grace

Krishna Das - Ep. 80 - By His Grace

Krishna Das shares stories about Maharaj-ji’s life and the acts of grace that people have experienced through him.

The Near and The Dear

Krishna Das shares a story about Maharaj-ji’s relationship with wealth. He reflects on what it means to share our abundance and take care of others. KD shares encounters with Maharaj-ji that remind us of what is possible through grace alone.

“Why are you trying to give me money? All the money in the universe is mine.” – Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji)

By His Grace (9:05)

What were the different ways that Maharaj-ji helped his devotees to get free of attachment and move closer to God? Krishna Das shares some of Maharaj-ji’s early life and the origin of the name Neem Karoli Baba.

“Everything these beings do, they do for only one reason – for our sake. These great beings have no personal agenda. They have been there and done that.” – Krishna Das 

The Practice of Compassion (22:50)

Krishna Das reflects on the practice of compassion that we are all capable of. Practices that lead toward becoming selfless beings whose only interest, like Maharaj-ji and countless others, is for the liberation of all beings.

“These beings’ only reason for existing is compassion. They know that we are all one, and that we do not know that – so we suffer. They are here to show us what is possible and to help us find a way to take a step in the right direction.”  -Krishna Das

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Krishna Das - Ep. 80 - By His Grace


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