Chris Grosso – The Indie Spiritualist – Ep. 124 – Grace and Grit with Sebastian Siegel

Chris Grosso welcomes director Sebastian Siegel for a conversation about his new movie, Grace and Grit, based on philosopher Ken Wilber’s book. 

Sebastian Siegel is a British-American director, producer, screenwriter and author. His modes of storytelling range from filmmaking to contemporary art and psychology. His latest movie, Grace and Grit, is now available to stream on Amazon, Apple TV, YouTube, Google Play, and more. Learn more about Sebastian and his work at, and be sure to follow him on Instagram

Deep Intuition

Chris welcomes Sebastian to The Indie Spiritualist podcast and asks what brought him to where he is today. Sebastian talks about the deep intuition that guides his life. He shares how he wound up directing the film Grace and Grit, based on philosopher Ken Wilber’s book. Chris and Sebastian share their views on traveling the spiritual path.

“It was such an honor to tell that story of a book that’s impacted so many people around the world, myself included.” – Sebastian Siegel

Grace and Grit (30:30)

Chris asks Sebastian about his experience reading Grace and Grit, and what it was about the story that called to his heart. They discuss how Sebastian was able to make the film accessible for viewers that aren’t familiar with Ken Wilber’s work, and how it’s ultimately a story that truly expresses the song of love.

“This book is a reference point on how to open up to that, on how to surrender and allow love in; not concerned with whether it shatters us, not concerned with whether it makes us fly high, but to open up whatever love is going to bring.” – Sebastian Siegel

Chris Grosso and Ken Wilber have a conversation about finding truth and freedom on The Indie Spiritualist Ep. 52
Truthfulness on Screen (48:22)

Chris shares some of his personal experiences with Ken Wilber, and Sebastian talks about allowing ourselves to be open to the miracle of life. They discuss the powerful way Sebastian handled the climax of his film, and how it’s the job of the director to ensure that truthfulness is being delivered on screen. 

“But really, this is a book, this is a story, this is a movie, about love beyond life. It’s a story about transcendence.” – Sebastian Siegel

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