BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 115 – Ram Dass Fellowship Presents: Free to Know Our Worth w/ SIMRIT & Jackie Dobrinska

SIMRIT joins Jackie Dobrinska for a conversation on finding self-worth and self-confidence, clearing the subconscious mind, breaking addiction, and trusting our intuition.

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Chart-topping and world-renowned musician and vocalist, SIMRIT, has been studying and working with the science of sound and consciousness for two decades. SIMRIT creates vibrationally powerful and healing music to impact both positive internal & external change. Decades of study and experimentation with the quantum technology of Naad Yoga (the ancient science of using sound to impact the brain’s neural pathways and chemicals, eliciting altered states of reality) deeply influences her music. Listen to SIMRIT’s newly released single, Guru Ram Dass, on the Soul Land Music Series Vol.1 Compilation Album.

Jackie Dobrinska is a beloved holistic health educator, Wise Woman practitioner, yoga therapist, minister and author. Jackie has mentored with some of the world’s preeminent teachers, scholars and visionaries in mind-body health, weaving together wisdom traditions from around the world. She teaches regionally at universities, hospitals, studios, businesses, and national conferences and festival, passing on the tools that empower individuals in their own health and transformation.  In addition to her wellness programs in wellness, yoga, herbs, healthy eating and women’s health, she is the founding director of the Greater Asheville Yoga Association and core staff for SE Wise Women. Learn more at: A Simple Vibrant Life

Knowing Your Self-Worth // Cleaning the Subconscious Mind

After a warm intro to the Ram Dass Fellowship from Jackie, SIMRIT explores how basing self-worth on external factors and superficial roles will lower confidence and increase suffering. From here, she gives background into how the adversity of being an orphan helped open her to spiritual inquiry from a young age. Then, she illuminates how cleaning the subconscious mind helps us harness our power, self-worth, happiness, and ease.

“We all have situations in life that challenge our self-worth and challenge us to really dig deep into ourselves and realize who we really are. We have an opportunity in these situations to frame our perspective and use those opportunities to grow, to be kinder, and to be more flexible, compassionate and understanding.” – SIMRIT

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Aura Charge Breathwork // Practice & The Infinite Self (26:00)

After sharing how we can navigate the polarity and uncertainty of the world with love, compassion and flexibility; SIMRIT invites us into a guided meditation, Aura Charge, breathwork practice and chant aimed at clearing the subconscious mind and enlivening our happiness. Next, Jackie opens the floor to audience Q&A diving into topics like moving through guilt and shame by using practice and fun to tap into our infinite nature.

“When we touch that deep well of inner confidence, and when we feel a deep sense of confidence, when we trust that sense of confidence, when we actually feel it on a regular basis; things like jealousy, anxiety, and worry—we can experience those things, but they don’t have a stronghold over us and they don’t dictate how we move in life or how we act towards ourselves and each other.” – SIMRIT

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Addiction & Conscious Choice // Isolation, Intuition, & Neuroses (1:08:00)

Continuing with the Q&A, Jackie and SIMRIT discuss breaking addictions by finding the root they are coming from and staying consciously aware during the choice. (Here is a link to a version of the Breaking Addictions Meditation which SIMRIT discusses). From here, SIMRIT answers questions on overcoming isolation by reaching out, trusting your intuition, making friends with your neuroses,

“The only way to trust your intuition is to start listening to it, and falling flat, and sometimes not falling flat, and sometimes falling flat, over and over, until we know what that voice feels like.” – SIMRIT 

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