Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 143 – Time to Stand Up


Raghu and Thanissara explore her amazing book Time To Stand Up: The Buddha’s Life and Message Through Feminine Eyes – it serves as a call to action for the engagement of the feminine Shakti principal to transform our planet in every way.

For instance, our current traditional patriarchal zeitgeist is so slow to speak out in defense of our planet. Patriarchal religions that denigrate women, the body and sexuality tend to not challenge the denigration of the earth.

The feminine is of great importance for our awakening and Thanisarra eloquently presents the case that we must make the feminine central in all of our lives, not solely as gender but as a living dimension within each one of us.

Feminine energy is essential, because of it’s natural receptivity, inclusivity, and empathy.

Fundamental intelligence is the Mother!

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