Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 139 – Skepticism, Love and Courage


Raghu is joined by Pete Holmes, Duncan Trussell and Sharon Salzberg in Maui for a  wonderfully entertaining podcast on skepticism, love, and courage.


Show Notes

Duncan talks about a euphemism for God and how we are constantly barraged by the word “God” – which triggers something negative inside us that’s been cultivated throughout our lives.

How do we deal with the skepticism and doubt that accompanies a lot of spiritual subjects? Is a good dose of skepticism healthy?

Sharon Salzberg elucidates on some Buddhist teachings around experimenting with skepticism and doubt – in order to truly face the power of the truth that comes from within.

In order to find freedom you have to be able to ask questions and explore the world around you for yourself.

What should we do when we can’t remember what love feels like?

What is real love anyway? And how do we find the courage to cross past our obstacles and suffering?


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