Sharon Salzberg – Metta Hour – Ep. 116 – Nourishing Your Emotional Well-Being with Dr. Sona Dimidjian

Sharon Salzberg - Metta Hour - Ep. 116 - Sona Dimidjian

For Episode 116 of the Metta Hour Podcast, Sharon shares a conversation with Dr. Sona Dimidjian.

Dr. Sona Dimidjian is a professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her research focuses on cultivating mental health and wellness among women, children, and families. She develops and studies programs and practices in education and healthcare settings, with an emphasis on navigating key developmental transitions, such as the perinatal period, early childhood, and adolescence. She also has a longstanding interest in expanding access, scaling, and sustaining effective programs, using both digital technology and community-based partnerships.

In this episode, Sharon speaks with Sona about cultivating resilience with meditation practice, managing our overwhelming emotions with mindfulness and nourishing a mother’s well being while expecting and during postpartum. Sona closes the podcast with a short breathing practice that originates from her research in mindfulness-based therapy.

Grounded Transitions

Sona shares the circumstances that led her to meditation practice. She and Sharon speak about the possibility of contemplative practices opening a refuge within ourselves where we can find solid ground during difficult moments of transition in life. They speak about Sona’s research into the effects of mindfulness and meditation, reflecting on how these practices cultivate resilience that is available to us in the worst of times.

“In what ways can we help provide opportunities for people to learn, when things may be going relatively well, that will help them build knowledge and skills that are available to them when times are challenging?” – Dr. Sona Dimidjian

Expecting Mindfully (7:50)

Sharon and Sona explore the challenges that women face during the different phases of pregnancy and after their child’s birth. Sona speaks about how mindfulness can offer stability to women during this most difficult period.

“What is it that one can do to help protect oneself from depression coming back from this lifecycle phase of pregnancy and postpartum?” – Dr. Sona Dimidjian

Modern Family (27:40)

What does it mean to be a parent and a family in the modern world? Sona speaks with Sharon around how the cultural roles and norms around parenting have changed, looking at how mindfulness can address the uncertainty that can breed anxiety in modern families.

Just Breathe (41:00)

Sona closes the show with a brief meditation practice that comes from the core practice of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

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Sharon Salzberg - Metta Hour - Ep. 116 - Sona Dimidjian


Images via UC-Boulder and Mind & Life Institute