Sharon Salzberg – Metta Hour Ep. 22 – The Cloud of Delusion


“In delusion, we place our hearts on not noticing. Being in that stupor, being in a fog. Not seeing the truth of things. Somehow we feel protected by being out of touch, being cut off, being lost.”

Delusion clouds our judgment and prevents us from seeing things as they truly are. It often carries with it a sense of apprehension or uncertainty, which strips us of the energy required to look deeply at our lives. One of the greatest dangers is its ability to block empathy, which can be viewed as the root of caring. If we can’t open to our own suffering, then we become incapable of opening to the suffering of others. Sharon discusses the ways that we can both recognize and dismantle delusion in an effort to gain clarity and confidence in where we chose to put our faith.

Imag via Flickr