Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 5 – Jo Tastula

Jo Tatsula

Vinyasa Flow instructor, Jo Tastula, sits down with Melanie for a conversation around practice, finding the heart space and the Divine Feminine.

With close to 20 years of practice and devotion to the healing arts including; mindfulness meditation, Shiatsu & 5 Element Theory, Energetic Bodywork, Prenatal/Post Natal yoga, Nutrition, Anatomy/Physiology and Core Shamanism; Jo Tastula brings into the practice a reverence for the mystery of life and encourage all students to practice with spontaneity by stepping into the unknown. Find online classes and more from Jo at

Show Notes

New Realms (Opening) – Jo shares how she got into practicing yoga and came to live in Maui around Ram Dass Satsang. She discusses the way in which yoga practice opened up her inner world; challenging her to go out and find a deeper meaning to life.

“It was very radical to have an experience of being at peace with my body, being in awe of my body and having something switched on that there is something to explore inside; not outside.”

The Currency of Life (16:30) – A heartfelt story is shared about the passing of Jo’s mom. She explains how spiritual practice helped her focus on the love she felt for her mother, instead of the fear of her passing.

“I had not realized that mom had passed away, because I was still in the love that never went away. That was an awakening teaching for me that the love I felt in that moment was real. She left, but the love didn’t go and that was strong as ever.”

Awakening to the Heart (33:45) – Melanie and Jo discuss the transition that occurs when we move from the mental space to the heart space. They talk about the times in life that bring us into the moment and how practice plays into that.

“This moment is the only moment, and all the other things are pointers; pointing you back here to the moment.”

The Feminine Flow (42:45) – Jo speaks about her experiences searching for a connection to the Divine Mother. She describes the realization that the Divine Feminine energy she was looking for was all around her.

“That is the journey of the feminine. To stand at those two portals; to be present; to bear witness. I discovered that even though I lost my mother, I am the Mother.”

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