Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 3 – Bobby Clennell

Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 3 - Bobby Clennell

Melanie is joined by author and yoga instructor Bobby Clennell to discuss her powerful work with Iyengar yoga.

Bobby Clennell is a yoga teacher and long-time student of B.K.S. Iyengar (author of the classic book, Light on Yoga), and his children, Geeta S. Iyengar and Prashant Iyengar. She and Melanie talk about Iyengar and what his style of yoga has to offer students.

Show Notes

Beginnings (Opening) – Bobby shares her history as a yoga instructor and talks about her works as an author. She discusses how her yoga training under B.K.S. Iyengar has influenced her life and way of teaching.

“I remember my first Iyengar yoga class was in a church hall and it just resonated with me. It was just, ‘ok this is it, this is for me,’ and it made absolute sense. For me Iyengar yoga was perfect. I did not intellectualize it, that was it; I was hooked right from the word ‘go.’

Deeper Waters (21:45) – Melanie and Bobby discuss the deeper Vedic principles of yoga that began to open to Bobby during her practice.

“Guru-Ji does not judge people at all or suggest what they should use their yoga for. He is just as happy to have people do yoga for their health as he is for people to do yoga for renunciation or inner-knowledge. You are not told that you must go one way or another.”

Transformation (32:00) – It is common with yoga to encounter changes in personality along the way. Bobby and Melanie discuss finding a new relationship with yourself through practice.

“You may not realize it, but people in your life are getting sustenance from your stability, spiritual insights, and calmness; it is radiating out. You don’t have to proselytize but your own practice is offering that to others.”

Along the Path (38:30) – Bobby talks about the struggles that come along the path. She shares honestly about being aware of her own needs and limitations. Melanie and Bobby talk about the benefits of community in our spiritual practice.

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