Set and Setting – Madison Margolin – Ep. 7 – Embodying a Psychedelic Life with Lauren Taus

Psychedelic therapist and yoga instructor, Lauren Taus, joins Madison to discuss how to live a fully embodied psychedelic life.

Lauren Taus is actively working to offer ketamine assisted psychotherapy to accelerate healing for individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety and trauma; and is trained by Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for MDMA assisted psychotherapy for complex PTSD. She teaches yoga and meditation classes, facilitates teacher trainings, offers immersive wellness experiences globally, and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Women’s Health, and USA Today. As an activist and advocate for a safer world dedicated to building bridges in the Middle East, she co-curated a delegation of Israeli and Palestinian peace activists to travel to Dharamshala and meet with the Dalai Lama to learn how to integrate non-violent approaches to conflict. For more info please visit, &

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The ‘Set & Setting’ of an ‘Inbodied Life’

Welcoming Lauren Taus to Set & Setting, Madison invites her to share her unique journey finding refuge as a psychedelic psychotherapist, yoga instructor, activist, and host of the Inbodied Life podcast. Describing an inspiration sparked from suffering and a yearning to understand and connect, Lauren offers vulnerable insight into how her nuanced relationships with religion, self-image, safety, expression, and embodiment, opened her to the emerging field of psychedelic therapy, and the ancient spiritual path of yoga.

“As a clinician that is in private practice that has the great honor to support other human beings in their experience, I know that I’m only ever as good as I am. I can’t take someone somewhere I haven’t been willing to go. So my clients motivate me to keep growing and keep leaning into whatever my edges are so that I can walk the path with them, whatever that looks like.” – Lauren Taus

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Psychedelics & Somatic Awareness // Family Trips (14:14)

Agreeing on the deeply healing properties of ‘being here now’ in the body, Madison and Lauren share their journeys around movement and embodiment. Exploring the potential role psychedelics like Ketamine, MDMA, and Ayahuasca can play in enhancing somatic awareness, the conversation flows into how we can begin to feel better, drop our anxiety, and shift our perspective once we are open enough to witness our pain and release our trauma. From here, they discuss what it’s like tripping with family members.

“Ketamine is a dissociative. It takes you out of your body. What I have seen generally, is that the departure allows for a deeper return. That moment of really leaving—different dissociation than one does in the 3D plane—allows for more joy and embodied experience, and more gratitude for the body that allows the experience.” – Lauren Taus

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Embodying a Psychedelic Life (40:20)

After sharing on gratitude and gift-giving, wealth and poverty, and self and oneness; Madison and Lauren bring the podcast home by illuminating what it means to live, embody, and integrate an authentically psychedelic life. (Hint: It doesn’t have to involve psychedelics.)

“A psychedelic life is an honest and good life of exploration, curiosity, inquiry, presence and play, and the ability to feel whatever needs to be felt in this here-now moment in order to be here now with the full faith that it will shift. A psychedelic life is connected; it’s connected to the earth, it’s connected to every living being and entity on the planet. It’s an understanding that there are no discreet entities—that everything is dancing together, and impacting each other. ” – Lauren Taus

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      Grist for the Mill: Awakening to Oneness by [Ram Dass, Stephen Levine]

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