Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 134 – Relationships and Living Impeccably


In this talk from 1981, Ram Dass explores the fierce but liberating path of relationships that bring us to a place where we can rest in oneness with another person.

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A Fierce Path (Opening)

How can we use our relationships as a vessel to explore? The place where we are one with another and can delight in the dance of two? Ram Dass reflects on how we can observe our karma in action. When we see our attachments and desires reflected in our relationships.

“Look at your relationships. And notice at which point you figure that you have too much to lose to let go into the one. I have sat in relationships and watched with horror that what I wanted I couldn’t have. Because what I wanted was getting in the way of it. My desires with regard to the relationship were getting in the way of sharing awareness with another human being. Which was going to be the ultimate intimacy. My yearning for intimacy was making me grab for intimacy relationally. And it was destroying exactly the thing I wanted.” – Ram Dass

Watching The Dance (19:20)

In moments of contemplation. Where we loosen our perception from the confines of the Self. We can clearly see the dance of unity between all things. Sub ek, all one. We look at the challenge of holding this experience of oneness in our day-to-day lives.

“It turns out that what brings you down becomes grist for the mill. Why would you go somewhere else to get it? You have a full pot of it right in front of you.” – Ram Dass

Living Impeccably in the Moment (32:05)

Ram Dass closes with a reflection on how we can live through the ups and downs of life. Impeccably and effortlessly. Meeting each moment fully. And without attachment to what comes.

“What we are talking about is how you live in the middle of the fire. And how you live impeccably across planes of consciousness. So that you are God with God. Soul with soul. Identity with identity. You push nothing away and you grab at nothing. You don’t get high. And you don’t get low. There are highs and lows; there are achievements and disapointments. And there are births and there are deaths. Yet every mythic part of it is played impeccably. And beautifully. Played with full involvement. Yet without clinging mind.”  – Ram Dass

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