Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 128 – Become Impeccable


In this talk from 1989, Ram Dass explores what is needed to become impeccable with whatever we are handed karmically in our lives.

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Become Impeccable

We look at the perspective that comes when we quiet ourselves and examine the work set out for us in our current incarnation. Ram Dass talks about how we can maintain this perspective by cultivating a life oriented towards inner growth, a requirement for doing our soul’s work in an impeccable way.

“What I am suggesting to you is a way of gaining perspective about your own life, so that you can see that the incarnation is the souls work. I listen to hear what is my work and how to do it impeccably.” – Ram Dass

Remember and Awaken (25:00)

Ram Dass describes the culture shock he received upon returning to the West from his first time in India. He shares the drastic changes he made to his lifestyle back home in an effort to maintain his new practices of awakening. We look at the risks of spiritual materialism – phony holiness – when these changes are made from the place of the ego.

“The real transformations in you are often very profound, deep and often very slow – they are inevitable and irrevocable. Once you have started to awaken, you can’t turn back. It is going to go on no matter what.” – Ram Dass                

Little Reminders (39:30)

Our social institutions have a profound effect on the course of our spiritual development. Ram Dass talks about embracing new institutions and practices which serve only to foster our soul’s work.

Reflecting, Not Reacting (59:30)

Ram Dass teaches the importance of seeing our levels of reactivity and following that reaction to its source. He shows us how to reflect upon what arises in our mind without an automatic response to a stimulus.

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Image via  Meng Chatchai