Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 08 – It’s All One

Ram Dass - Here and Now - Ep. 8 - It's All One

Ram Dass examines the interconnection between faiths and breaks down one of Maharaj-ji’s most essential teachings: ‘Sub Ek’ – it’s all one.

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Show Notes

Contact High (Opening) – Raghu talks about a strange experience of unity through a “contact high” on retreat in the Himalayas with Ram Dass and the rest of the group.

“In the end, as crazy as it was, we experienced an ‘at oneness’ with each other that went beyond words. It was a reminder to us of what Maharaj-ji would say every day when he walked into the Ashram – he would point a finger in the air and he would say, ‘Sub Ek’ which means its all one.” – Raghu Markus

Bonds of Belief (5:40) – Meanwhile, Ram Dass elaborates on unity and discusses our faith in rational man and the necessity of breaking the bonds of rationality in order to expand our concept of faith. He looks at the roles we play, the identities we assume and the underlying oneness that lies underneath it all.

“We have begun to dig into who we can be, we are just moving slowly. So we play our parts, but let’s not forget that these are just parts that we have taken on for the moment.” – Ram Dass

Fill Your Cup (17:15) – How can we set aside the identity and roles which we have assumed and realize this oneness that Ram Dass is talking about? We hear about Padmasambhava, known to some as the second Buddha, whose story and teachings can become a meditation for connecting to a deeper sense of connection to all things.

Shifting Perspective (33:00) – All religions have a thread of common truth that runs through them. They all lead to God, it’s All One: Sub Ek. Ram Dass reflects on the way we share the same experiences; see no differences; see it all as the same. We simply need to set our assumptions aside and open ourselves to other perspectives.

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