Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 221 – Bringing Spirit Into Form

In this recording from the 1980s, Ram Dass explores the concept of merging with God, leads a visualization meditation for opening the heart, and talks about bringing spirit into form.

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“If there’s a great sadness in you, just let it go. Breathe it out, you don’t need it. If there’s anger, if you’ve been hurt, if you have pain. Don’t demand that it go away, you might breathe it out and you’ll still feel sadness, it may be such a deep reservoir of sadness. But just what you can let go of, let go of. And then fill with this very fine healing mist.” – Ram Dass

In this episode of Here and Now:

  • Ram Dass answers a question about how we merge with God, using Anandamayi Ma as the perfect example of love for God
  • Ram Dass leads a guided visualization meditation that serves as a technique for opening the heart and is part of Bhakti yoga
  • Ram Dass talks about accepting our responsibility as a spiritual entity for enlightening the world and how we are all conversion vehicles for bringing spirit into form
RamDev explores the path of devotion in Healing at the Edge Ep. 86

About Ram Dass:

Ram Dass’ spirit has been a guiding light for generations, carrying along millions on the journey. Ram Dass teaches that through the Bhakti practice of unconditional love, we can all connect with our true nature. Through these teachings, Ram Dass has shared a little piece of his guru, Maharajji, with all who have listened to him.

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