Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 220 – Hearing Your Dharma, Hearing Your Part

Ram Dass talks about what it means to hear our dharma and our part in the dance and why we need to listen to our hearts to hear which spiritual method is the right one for us.

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“To look at the universe and see all of the forces – the heavy ones, the light ones, the destructive ones, the creative ones – to find what your part is in it. And if your part is that of the Bodhisattva, that of reducing the suffering of all human beings, and that’s all your work is, you just do it and do it and do it until there is no you in there, there is merely this instrument for the relieving of suffering of all beings. And that is one of the parts of the dance, of which another and equally important [part] of the dance is that which creates all the suffering in the universe. That’s what’s so far out about it.” – Ram Dass

In this episode, Ram Dass explores:

  • The intensity of the melodrama of life, and why the game only gets interesting when we have total involvement with no attachment
  • Hearing our dharma in order to hear our part in the game; even Ravana and Richard Nixon were just playing their parts
  • The impact that coming into contact with so many different teachers and methods had on his spiritual development
  • Spiritual transformation and issues of faith
  • Listening to the heart to hear which spiritual method is the right one for your personal journey
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About Ram Dass:

Ram Dass’ spirit has been a guiding light for generations, carrying along millions on the journey. Ram Dass teaches that through the Bhakti practice of unconditional love, we can all connect with our true nature. Through these teachings, Ram Dass has shared a little piece of his guru, Maharajji, with all who have listened to him.

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