Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 157 – It’s All Right Here

right here

In this dharma talk from 1982, Ram Dass illuminates how happiness, boredom, suffering, past and future, life and death, it’s all right here in every moment we experience.

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Momentary Models – Right Here

Did you know that it’s all right here, right now? Ram Dass begins with a brief meditation on letting go of what your model of this moment is about. He explores how spiritual practice is not about collecting experiences, it’s about transformation of being.

“Maybe the true growth will not follow our expectations. And maybe your wanting mind will block you from receiving just that food which you hunger for.” – Ram Dass

It’s All Right Here (23:55)

This moment, right here and now, includes everything. Ram Dass talks about how past and future, all people, all feelings, and everything is in this moment – there should be no exclusivity of perception. Getting caught up in your life, the happiness and the fear, means you lose this present moment.

“I want to come more and more into this moment until you and I are so fully, richly, thickly present. That we are present whether we are here or there, we are present now and we are present then.” – Ram Dass

Boredom and Death (32:53)

Everything is included in each moment, and there’s a richness to it all, including boredom, suffering, and death. Ram Dass talks about breaking the attachment to being an experiencer and recognizing you are so much more.

“It’s in the midst of the darkness exists the light. It’s not that the light exists in spite of the darkness.” – Ram Dass

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