Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 154 – Astral Fun and Games Pt. 1

Astral Fun and Games

In this blast from the past, Ram Dass is the ringmaster for some astral fun and games as he takes on miracles, psychedelic powers, and connecting across different planes of existence.

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A Matter of Miracles

What is the value of astral fun and games? Ram Dass tells stories of miracles performed by Neem Karoli Baba, Sai Baba, and Nityananda, and how they can inspire people who are lost in the illusion of the dance of life.

“These miracles start a process, they start an opening, a faith.” – Ram Dass

Astral Planes (28:50)

Ram Dass talks about exploring different astral planes and how it’s possible to connect with a being on a different plane of existence. He reflects on how the trap of moving from plane to plane is much like that of using LSD. Ultimately, it can be an ego trip and not true liberation.

“You’ve got to understand the way these planes are related to desire systems.” – Ram Dass

Are Methods Traps? (45:10)

In view of your karmic predicament, how do you get beyond dualism? Ram Dass talks about how in Zen Buddhism, methods are considered traps. Don’t do, just be. For those who aren’t comfortable on that steep path, practice can be a stepladder to liberation.

“Don’t cling to whatever plane of reality you’re in, including this one, because a free being is not bound by any plane of reality whatsoever.” – Ram Dass

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