Ram Dass – Here and Now Bonus Episode – Soul View

Raghu Markus returns to share a special excerpt from Ram Dass around dealing with suffering and the traps of the ego by seeing with a “Soul View”.

How can we work with the inner conflict that arises when we experience suffering? In this episode, Ram Dass explores methods available for seeing through our conditioning and navigating life on more than one plane of awareness.

This teaching is part of a 4-week long Yoga of Heartfulness online course featuring teachings from Ram Dass and friends. Learn more about this 10 hour course: Ram Dass’ Yoga of Heartfulness

“So at that point, I turned my efforts around and I looked at life – and realized that I had to embrace my humanity into my being to be free.” 

Ram Dass discusses:

  • The way we get caught when experiencing suffering
  • Learning to be with suffering, instead of running from it
  • Soul View and what it means to live on two planes of awareness

About Ram Dass:

Ram Dass’ spirit has been a guiding light for generations, carrying along millions on the journey. Ram Dass teaches that through the Bhakti practice of unconditional love, we can all connect with our true nature. Through these teachings, Ram Dass has shared a little piece of his guru, Maharajji, with all who have listened to him.

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