Ram Dass Here and Now– Ep. 97 – Being Free Together

Being Free Together

Ram Dass talks about disturbing emotions that may arise, are potential wisdom the moment you relax into your natural mind.

Look directly into it, don’t deliberately reject it, regard it as a fault, or indulge in it concretely or, regard it as a virtue.Ram Dass describes experiencing his life as a dance of balance of cultivating the qualities of spaciousness, of equanimity, of peace, of happiness, we fear the passions of life because they take us away from that balance. We have to find a balance between intuitive heart and thinking mind. Because the tendency in the spiritual journey is to denigrate the thinking mind into it and we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. In this talk, Ram Dass speaks on making human relationships our yoga. Let us help each other awaken and experience being free together.

Ram Dass tells us an exquisite story about Ramana Maharshi that exemplifies the possibility
Of a being who is not trapped, but are always living in that spacious awareness– of compassion or emptiness.

Miracles remind you that what you think is reality is not truth. That frees you to think about what is true reality. When you wonder how it is, you’re hooked.


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Image: Together by Andy Kehoe