Ram Dass Here and Now – Ep. 86 – Reality Of Who We Are

Reality Of Who We Are

“When some of you come in, we look into one another’s eyes and we recognize each other. Across time, across space, independent of all of the forms of the dance. Two souls meeting. Are you in there? I’m in here.”

It takes but a flick of a look in a person’s eyes to see who it is you are to them. Which level of reality you exist upon. A conscious being has no attachment to any level, neither busy denying nor affirming, neither saying “I am this” nor “I am not this” – neither protecting nor justifying.

Once you get a peek at the reality of who you really are, you cannot go back to your former identity, try and try as much as you will. When the pursuit of your true nature is the only game, everything in your life becomes an instrument for getting free.

Image via  Jorm S