Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 107 – The True Revolution

True Revolution

On this unique episode of Here and Now, Ram Dass discusses seeing God in all things and how the true revolution is found through the evolution of consciousness.

In both parts of this episode, Ram Dass imparts wisdom on transformation. We look at transforming our world by evolving our worldview. Ram Dass shows us that the true revolution starts by changing our inner world.

Show Notes

Transforming Your World (13:30) – Everywhere you look, you see what you are looking for. When you are looking for God, all you see is God. Everything is part of the dance. Part of the play, the Lila.
We seem to have so many problems. From the mundane torture of traffic to the greatest struggles that we encounter in life. Often that can be all we see because it is all we are looking for. Ram Dass talks about reframing our perspective. Instead of seeing everything as a negative, there is a way of seeing everything for the precious divinity that it is.

“Every time you remember God you brighten your life, and that is what you are doing for your fellow human being. Everything you touch is lightened and enlightened by you, such a nice game.”.

When your apparatus of perceiving, and apperceiving, is transformed, then everywhere you walk there is only God. Everybody that you meet has the opportunity to see God through your eyes. Everybody you meet has an opportunity to see God in themselves when they look into your eyes because you are a mirror because that is what you are looking at in them.

True Revolution (29:20) – When Ram Dass returned to the West from India, he traveled the country telling people what he experienced and teaching them to use the same tools to better their own life. One thing he began to notice is that the movement growing around him was not the typical spiritual community. You did not, and do not, have to join anything to be a part of the group, you just have to do the work.

The change that he saw was a true revolution happening. He saw everyday people like lawyers, doctors, and firefighters coming together to create a change within themselves. This evolution of consciousness is the true revolution that we are looking for. Without changing ourselves, we cannot change anything.

“The transformation doesn’t begin with the institution. We don’t organize to transform the universe. We don’t get a God squad together to do it. We start with the individual human heart. We start right here inside ourselves.”

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