Raghu Markus – Mindrolling – Ep. 468 – Mind Under Matter with Ramin Nazer

Multidimensional artist, podcaster, and comedian Ramin Nazer rejoins Raghu for an episode on wisdom givers, death, and the eternal ‘I am’. 

Ramin Nazer is a multi-talented artist, podcaster, comedian, game creator and musician based out of LA. He is best known for his consistent stream of unique, psychedelic-spiritual, bite-sized art for the social media age, as well as his podcast, with comedian Shane Mauss, Mind Under Matter, where they take a hilarious and scientific approach to human behavior. You can tap into Ramin’s steady flow of art on his Instagram, tap into his solo podcast Rainbow Brainskull, and peer into his myriad offerings at RaminNazer.com.

Profound Crystals of Knowledge

Ramin and Raghu kick off the podcast by sharing their current intellectual obsessions and the joy of spreading wisdom to friends. Raghu highlights Pema Chödrön as one of his favorite givers of wisdom. Have you ever seen a documentary or read a poem you could not wait to share with those closest to you? Every now and then there is an author or creator who is so bountiful with wisdom that their words become like crystals. The knowledge is multi-layered and shines in different directions, ever-spreading. The more we share that wisdom, the more the crystal grows.

“It’s all about the giving, the spreading, the charging others with it. And it’s not like it leaves you, it can only grow. It’s not by giving it away that you are losing the crystal—it’s helping it multiply. A positive virus in a way.” – Ramin Nazer

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Relating to the Fear of Death (18:46)

Pema Chödrön’s book, How We Live Is How We Die, poses the question: how do we relate to the fear of death? Thinking of death and imagining all that we love as gone is hard. Envisioning we no longer have an identity gives one a very abrupt and dark sensation of nothingness. The first instinct for us when we relate to death is often to push it away. However, nothing is ever really gone; the state of things simply transforms. Versions of ourselves and nature are constantly changing, entering new bardos, and being re-born again.

“Death is not the end, it is change. There is no such thing as death.” – Ramin Nazer

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The Sacred Pause // Productivity (42:01)