​​Omid Safi – Sufi Heart – Ep. 26 – Spirituality and Conflict Transformation

Omid returns with a timely and flowing discussion on the connection between spirituality and conflict transformation.

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From Hot Mess to Harmony

Omid begins with an honest reflection that —somewhat chidingly but mostly sincerely—describes the state of the world as a “hot mess.” Talking about environmental politics, race, economics, religion, family, and relationship, he explores how we can cultivate compassion and love for ourselves and the planet so we can begin to foster a harmonious world inside and out.

“The struggles are real—families are under a lot of tension and pressure, relationships are under alot of stress, and the generational bonds are stretched. That’s not surprising. We are whole human beings; and if we are whole and if we live through the heart, how can we not be responsive to the tensions, stress, and pressure that’s all around us?” – Omid Safi 

Faith, Islam, & Humility (8:01)

How can our faith traditions, our spiritual traditions, help us live in peace, beauty, dignity, integrity, and harmony? Traversing this contemplation, Omid shares insight from his own tradition of Islam, highlighting how we can start to live in the world with a sense of healthy humility.

“My basic assumption is that [today’s religions] are neither all good nor all evil. I think what religion is today is essentially a magnifier of whatever is in people’s hearts.” – Omid Safi

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Conflict Transformation // React or Respond (28:01)

Illuminating the sometimes subtle but important difference between reacting and responding, Omid shares how we can transform conflict from the inside out with harmony and beauty.

“There’s a difference between responding to someone and reacting to someone. When you’re in a situation that is going on with someone, you have to respond, but we don’t always have to be reactive.” – Omid Safi

Photo via studiojassmerah