Omid Safi – Sufi Heart – Ep. 10 – Finding Compassion Amid Chaos

Omid Safi - Sufi Heart - Ep. 10 - Finding Compassion Amid Chaos - Christchurch

In the wake of the tragic shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, Dr. Omid Safi shares a reflection on responding to chaos with compassion and love.

You can make a donation to support the victims and families of the Christchurch shootings through Give A Little, the official Victim Support fund: Christchurch Shooting Victims’ Fund
In This Together

What does love look like in a world that, at times, seems to have gone mad? The Christchurch attack is only the most recent in a growing trend of targeted violence. Omid looks back on the recent history of attacks motivated by hatred, racism, and nationalism. He explores how we can push back against this chaos with love and compassion.

“We see that the forces of racism and xenophobia are networked around the world. One thing that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us is that those of us who want to see a world of peace, of justice, and dignity have to be even more networked – even more organized. We have to reach out one another, love one another and protect one another.” – Dr. Omid Safi  

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Compassion Amid Chaos (10:00)

Omid shares a sermon he delivered shortly after the Christchurch shootings on how we can respond to atrocity with love and compassion. He reflects on the possibility of transforming our community into one that has no place for hatred and violence.

“If we want to be a kind of community that has no room for something like this, then we have to build that world. We cannot just inherit that world from our ancestors. We have to build it together for our children. All of us, the Christian, the Muslim, the Jew, the Hindu, the Buddhist, and the Atheist have a role in this.” – Dr. Omid Safi  

Love In All Places (26:25)

We look at the pervasive love of God that is found around every corner of the world, regardless of belief. Omid shares wisdom on how we can find justice through love and compassion.

Omid Safi - Sufi Heart - Ep. 10 - Finding Compassion Amid Chaos - Christchurch

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