Mirabai Bush – Walking Each Other Home – Ep. 9 – ‘Emissaries of Aloha’ w/ Lei’ohu Ryder and Maydeen ‘Iao

Hawaiian spiritual leaders and musicians, Lei'ohu Ryder and Maydeen 'Iao join Mirabai to talk Ram Dass and share blessings of Aloha from Maui.

The ‘Emissaries of Aloha’, Lei’ohu Ryder and Maydeen ‘Iao, join Mirabai to talk Ram Dass and share blessings of Aloha from Maui.

Lei‘ohu Ryder is a Hawaiian spiritual leader, visionary, singer/songwriter, healer, and educator. Along with her partner Maydeen ‘Iao, they are Kumu Aloha (emissaries of aloha) and advocates for the Indigenous Soul in all people. Their love and knowledge of Hawai‘i, help us connect with our selves, with Spirit, and the essence of Aloha. They offer their services, in person, on Maui, in Hawai’i, and online through blessings, music, public speaking, intensives, counseling, healing work, wedding ceremonies, and funeral services… all with Aloha.

Lei’ohu and Maydeen have shared the legacy teachings of Aloha throughout Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and North America. Lei’ohu’s talents and knowledge are honored and acknowledged throughout her extended Global Ohana. She has received the Gandhi-King Peace Hero Award, the Peace Educator Award from the United Nations, the Woman of Honor Award from Women’s History Month, the Educator Award from the Peace Corps, and the Malama Ka’Aina Award from the Sierra Club. More info: LeiohuRyder.com

“Lei’ohu and Maydeen created the vessel of Aloha spirit at the beginning and ending of each five-day retreat, allowing us to absorb the Spirit of Aloha while we were meditating, doing yoga, listening to Ram Dass, and chanting with Krishna Das. It was all held in Aloha. They made that gift to us” – Mirabai Bush

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Emissaries of Aloha // Ram Dass & The Womb of Maui

Mirabai Bush welcomes ‘Emissaries of Aloha,’ Lei’ohu Ryder and Maydeen ‘Iao, to the Walking Each Other Home podcast, sharing the storied history of this Hawaiian visionary, healer, singer/songwriter duo as cornerstones of the Ram Dass Maui Retreats with their offerings of music, prayer, and Aloha Spirit. Lei’ohu and Maydeen describe their personal relationships with Ram Dass, teaching alongside him and sharing in intimate spiritual moments held in the womb of Maui.

“Maui was Ram Dass’ final physical stop – being held in the arms of Maui. It feels like he was here to bask in Aloha, to feel the unrestricted deep honoring and resonance of a loving way, like the ocean waves, or the beautiful soft breezes from the oceans, or makani (fierce winds). Being with him was a gift that blessed us constantly. His presence and the fertilizing essence of the spirit of Aloha blended well and held him in the womb of Maui.” – Lei’ohu Ryder

“As soon as Ram Dass enters, there’s a silence. That’s all he had to be – silent. He’d come in silent, sit on stage, and everybody would fall in love with themselves. He didn’t have to say anything. He just had to sit there to remind us that we are him, we are each other. That was the great mirror. ” – Maydeen ‘Iao

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Hawai’i & The Spirit of Aloha // Kukuipuka: Walking Ram Dass Home (13:00)

Pondering the question, “Why are so many attracted to Hawai’i?”, the discussion naturally flows into a devotional outpouring for the Island of Maui and the Spirit of Aloha which it offers. Illuminating the deep spiritual gravity well of the island, they bask in the shining spiritual truths of love, oneness, endless spirit, and Aloha. They then share the meaningful, transformative, heart-opening first time they brought Ram Dass to Kukuipuka – their sacred Heiau (temple) on Maui, meaning ‘Doorway to the Light.’

“Why is it that Hawai’i attracts so many? It’s this spirit, you’re intoxicated just by the thought of Hawai’i. People come here to feel themselves, and many are here from diverse cultures, coming to touch themselves, to be in the blanket of Maui. We are here because of Aloha. It’s never gonna be broken. Aloha – Love – is something that can never ever diminish. That is truth. The absolute truth is Love, is Aloha.” – Lei’ohu Ryder

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Hanging In the Portal with Ram Dass (26:00)

Prompted by Mirabai, Lei’ohu and Maydeen share wisdom about portals—both outer, physical portals like Maui and Haleakala—as well as inner portals like our own Divine Loving Nature. From here, they share what it was like “hanging in the portal” with Ram Dass when he would play on multiple levels of consciousness at once.

“When we’re in that rhythm or alignment all these landscapes throughout our beautiful universe begin to speak to each other, because all landscape, including the portals, they’re all sacred, they’re all the body of our Mother. And the energy of that is the same energy as us, or the same energy in a feather, a blade of grass, or living water. That portal speaks to the portal of our divine loving nature.” – Lei’ohu Ryder

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Indigenous Hawaiian Healing (39:00)

Speaking to Ram Dass’ tremendous ability to live long and prosper in his time on Maui despite debilitating health complications; Lei’ohu and Maydeen share with Mirabai about their own recent personal journey with Indigenous Hawaiian Healing – healing from the inside out. To close the podcast, they share a beautiful traditional Hawaiian chant.

“[Ram Dass] wanted to stick around because he knew ‘his kids’ needed help. So all of us got to be fed and be reminded. And for us to remember and trust that we already know this, is the inner healing. Then, the outer healing will happen. It’s healing the mind on all the levels, the polarity—right/wrong, good/bad. It’s embracing the whole spectrum. That’s what love is: embracing the whole spectrum.” – Maydeen ‘Iao

“When we speak of healing, we cannot judge anything; we can only surrender. I remember Ram Dass saying, ‘The stroke didn’t get me; I’m still a soul, I’m still a soul in service.’ I think that’s the loving key that unlocks a portal into tremendous healing.” – Lei’ohu Ryder