Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 461 – Dharma & Ecology: A Mindrolling Anthology with Mary Clare PhD, Gary Ferguson, John Lockley, Sarah Wilson, & Alastair McIntosh

In this anthology, Mary Clare PhD, Gary Ferguson, John Lockley, Sarah Wilson, & Alastair McIntosh join Raghu to talk Dharma & Ecology.

Full Ecology with Mary M. Clare Ph.D and Gary Ferguson

From Ep. 382, Mary & Gary share their deep connection to nature, and how developing a relationship with the natural world can help us move past an ego-centric worldview. Next, they explore the realities of climate change and how to process the grief we experience around it.

“The trees out there are dying to every moment because they’re not thinking about the next moment and they’re not thinking about the last moment… I stand to learn a lot from that tree.” – Mary M. Clare PhD

ReWilding with John Lockley (30:00)

From Ep. 304, John relays his deeply transformational experiences traveling in South Africa, diving with Great White Sharks, finding peace and stillness through meditation and mindfulness, tuning into animal energies, and ReWilding into Indigenous wisdom.

“We’re seeing an incredible situation where we have separated ourselves from the natural world, and it’s creating all kinds of problems. The root of it is what we talk about in Buddhism called ‘hungry ghost energy’ where people are not connected with their soul, their spirit—and they’re replacing that feeling with materialism.” – John Lockley

This One Wild Precious Life with Sarah Wilson (52:00)

From Ep. 370, Sarah shares about her hiking practice and how spending time in nature can help clear us out and inspire us so we can come back to the world and offer dedicated and flowing service. Next, she discusses the problems inherent in the system of capitalism, and how nature helps us move from an individual mindset to a collective one.

“The times are dictating that we go out, not in. The world is calling us out to be of service. It’s asking us to step up and meet it, so that we can save it. The collective needs to be a priority for a while.” – Sarah Wilson

Riders on the Storm with Alastair McIntosh (1:02:00)

From Ep. 367, epidemics, pandemics, draughts, and fires – oh my! Alastair McIntosh joins to explore the dangerous opportunity of climate change, and how we can save the world with love by detaching from our egos and reinventing the capitalist system we live within.

“We’re not going to save ourselves or the Earth purely through conventional techniques or economic-political ways of doing things. We are only going to create a sane future, a bright future for humankind and for the regeneration of other species and their habitats, if we deepen into community with one another and the planet. That means opening up to the work of love.” – Alastair McIntosh

Photo via jo Crebbin