Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 382 – Full Ecology with Mary M. Clare Ph.D and Gary Ferguson

Social psychologist, Mary M. Clare, Ph.D, & science writer, Gary Ferguson, join Raghu to help us past the seperation myth, & into a restored balance of full ecology, environment, & human nature.

Social psychologist, Mary M. Clare, Ph.D, & science writer, Gary Ferguson, join Raghu to help us past the seperation myth, & into a restored balance of full ecology, environment, & human nature.

Mary M Clare, Ph.D., brings her lifelong passion for the natural world together with a 30-year career as a social and cultural psychologist. A fellow in the APA with 100+ scholarly articles and two books, she opens doorways for considering how the natural world around and inside of us can be tapped as a guiding force for creating more contented and fruitful lives. For info on her new book with Gary, Full Ecology, please visit FullEcology.com. For Mary’s personal offerings, please visit, ClaseConsultation.com.

Gary Ferguson, a best-selling science writer and keynote speaker, began his career chronicling the tracks humans leave in nature. Today, he’s working “to portray the tracks nature leaves in us,” with books like, The Eight Master Lessons of Nature, which shines a powerful new light on the dazzling processes that nourish the creative powers of nature. For info on his new book with Mary Full Ecology, please visit FullEcology.com. For Gary’s personal offerings, please visit, WildWords.net

“This whole podcast will be around what is going on with the environment, what is going on ecologically, what is going on inside us, and our relationship to it and to each other. If we can’t get into a transformation of the polarization and seperation that’s in each one of us—and that is how we relate to other people and the environment—it’s problematic.” – Raghu Markus

Full Ecology: Natural World & Human Nature

Giving insight into their relationships with each other, with natural world, and the inner-landscape, Mary and Gary explore the threads which brought them together. Gary, with a long background in conservation, environmental science writing, and wilderness exploration; and Mary, with a highly esteemed career as a social scientist; combined their skills, disciplines, passions, and love, to create their new book, Full Ecology, an antidote for reclaiming our relationship with the natural world and human nature.

“As I talked about what excited me in the natural world, and Mary talked about what excited her in the human world, we truly came to understand the level of connection: the fact that we are nature, and that the qualities that inform the natural world—and allow it to not just survive, but thrive—are the same qualities in us. And so, it isn’t a matter of inventing something. It’s a matter of reclaiming.” – Gary Ferguson

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Seperation, Relationships, and Stewardship (4:47)

Speaking to the modalities of seperation we find ourselves in, in relationship both to the planet and ourselves, Mary, Gary, and Raghu uncover a holistic approach for healing both outer-nature, and our own inner-nature. Touching on the need for balance, mindfulness, self-inquiry, and good relationships for being effective stewards, they share new perspectives on inner, spiritual work, as well as going outside and fusing with nature, both of which can help us heal our planet from the inside out.

“We either see ourselves as heroic advocates for the natural world, that is outside of us; or captains of industry that are going to exploit the natural world. This whole orientation of seperation is a problem. The fact is, we can love the natural world all we want, but if we’re messed up in our relationships, or in the way we are with ourselves, then we’re not going to be very effective in what we want to steward.” – Mary M. Clare Ph.D 

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Full Ecology & The Seperation Myth (31:53)

Touching on the current state of the planet in regards to the climate crisis and coronavirus pandemic, Mary and Gary reveal this silver lining: We are all learning new skills, adapting, and growing through this hardship. Explaining how the deeply-rooted seperation myth is tied in with our systemic death denial and institutionalized domination of nature, Mary and Gary illuminate a path to a symbiotic relationship of stewardship and interconnection with our environment, through a recognition of Oneness at the core of our being.

“Realize the kind of connectivity we have with everything around us. Just walk out in nature and you will get it immediately. That transfers into a little tiny seed that will burst forth. It willit just will. It’s our natural progression to burst forth into loving kindness.” – Raghu Markus

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     Through the Woods: A Journey Through America's Forests by [Gary Ferguson]

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