Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 455 – Dream Guidance with Machiel Klerk

Dream expert, Machiel Klerk joins Raghu for a conversation on how we can build a trusting communicative relationship with our dreams.

Machiel Klerk is a social entrepreneur, licensed mental health therapist, international speaker, dream worker, and published author. Machiel founded the organization Jung Platform based on a night-time dream. This organization focuses on providing quality programs for personal development from a soul-centered perspective. Machiel is an internationally-recognized and gifted dream worker. His book Dream Guidance shows how one can connect and find guidance from the soul through dreams. He further travels extensively to Africa, Europe and through the United States, lecturing on soul-oriented psychological topics. More at MachielKlerk.com
Carl Jung, Dreams, Ancestors, & South Africa

Welcoming Machiel Klerk, Raghu invites him to share what led him to write his transformational new book, Dream Guidance: Connecting to the Soul Through Dream IncubationMachiel explores how the catalyst of grief and suffering helped spark him to pick up the works of Carl Jung, who opened him to a world beyond senses, gave him meaning, and let him know he is never alone. Next, Machiel shares his connection to the Sangoma in South Africa, much like John Lockley from last episode.

“Reading Jung’s work changed my worldview, it opened me up to dreams, dreams started flooding in, I got a sense that there is a world behind the world, I reconnected to my father in my dreams, and got a sense of purpose.” – Machiel Klerk
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Dream Incubation // The Phenomena That Knows // Dream Recall (15:30)

Machiel describes the technique of dream incubation where one can use a use their dreams to help them answer questions about their lives and the universe. From here, they explore how dreams can help us see into the future and into the depths of our soul. Through this lens, Raghu shares a Rumi quote and a story of Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba. Next, Machiel offers simple tips for dream recall.

“We all have a guide deep inside ourselves that is accessible through intuition, through dreams, through phenomena that are beyond ego-mind.” – Raghu Markus
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Service & Purpose // Asking Dreams Questions // Trusting Our Experience (38:01)

After speaking to the connection between service, community, and purpose, Raghu prompts Machiel to dive into the steps to Dream Incubation – a step by step process for connecting with and getting answers from one’s dreams. From here, they talk about trusting our experience, trusting the mystery, and testing the method in honesty. To close, Raghu shares a recent dream with a powerful lioness for Machiel to help translate.

“The basic mythology or way of living life I learned from the African shamans is the idea we come into the world with boons and gifts, and the goal is to deliver your gift to community. Once you do that, you’re in alignment with the larger Self, and life has a purpose.” – Machiel Klerk
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