Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 150 – Dream Yoga

dream yoga

“A lot of the literature on lucid dreaming was about having some sort of special experience or adventure. With the dream yoga teachings the emphasis was on either doing the spiritual practice. Or eventually having some possibility of the enlightenment experience at the time of our death and into the next rebirth.”

Raghu and guest host Michael “Jadu” Daner chats with dream yoga teacher Michael Katz, co-author of an excellent book, “Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light”.

Jadu tells his earliest fearful dream experiences that turned into euphoric flying dreams – and how flying in dreams presages lucid dreaming.

Michael talks about how the mastering of lucidity in the dream state eventually will help master our final transition through the bardos or states of consciousness we enter into when we die.
In dream yoga the emphasis is on the possibility of some level of enlightenment experience at the time of final transition.

Michael Katz introduces his teacher, Lama Namkai Norbu (co-author of Dream Yoga) who said once, “I never claimed to be enlightened but I am a really good dream yogi.” He is said to be able to return to specific dreams every night!

“Rather than seeing dreams as messages from the psyche the Dzogchen tradition (Liberating Awareness) views them as an opportunity to recognize and interact with the foundations of your life.”

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