Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 402 – A Dialogue on Abundance & Power w/ Brandon Beachum

Raghu Markus welcomes fellow podcaster Brandon Beachum to Mindrolling for a conversation encircling the concepts of abundance and power.

Brandon Beachum is the author of The Golden Key and host of The Positive Head Podcast. To learn more about Brandon and his work, follow him on Instagram

Head to GoldenKey.Gift and download Brandon’s book (audio or e-book) as a gift using the code ‘mindrolling’

Pregnant Possibilities

Raghu welcomes Brandon to Mindrolling and inquires about the Mystic Manor commune Brandon set up in Los Angeles. They discuss the pregnant possibilities born from challenging times such as the COVID pandemic. Brandon details his background and what led him to the spiritual path.

“When any kind of opposition, or suffering in general, comes up – it’s very difficult to look at it from that perspective of opportunity.” – Raghu Markus 

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A Dialog on Abundance and Power (23:25)

Raghu and Brandon explore Brandon’s book, The Golden Key, and share a dialog on the concepts of abundance and power. They touch on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, the importance of Hanuman, plus Brandon shares the story of the caterpillar and the butterfly.

“Once you start really understanding what’s going on, kindness and how you’re impacting those around you is everything. That’s where the true abundance comes from, because that’s going to be reflected back to you in some way, shape, or form.” – Brandon Beachum

Raghu Markus visits Brandon Beachum’s Positive Head Podcast to share details of his connection to Ram Dass
Planting Good Seeds (42:10)

Raghu and Brandon explore the importance of developing a different perspective on life, and how perspective is key for moving into a state of non-judgment. Brandon speaks about a couple of scientific studies he notes in his book. Together, Brandon and Raghu close the show with a look at how we can plant good seeds both in nature and in ourselves.

“If we’re judging the evolution of another being at any point in time, we’re sort of misunderstanding.” – Brandon Beachum

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