Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 401 – In and Through the Body with Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall returns with Raghu to talk fatherhood, touring again, his new album In and Through the Body, the Soul Land Music Series, and staying at home in yourself.

Trevor Hall returns with Raghu to talk fatherhood, touring again, his new album In and Through the Body, the Soul Land Music Series, and staying at home in yourself.

In this special, music-filled episode of Mindrolling, Raghu and Trevor Hall invite you into a virtual hang session – kicking back and listening to samples from specially curated Trevor Hall tracks, live performances, remixes, and a moving kirtan – amidst catching up with Trevor about touring post-pandemic, his new album, and life as a new father.

Listen to Trevor Hall’s new album, In and Through the Body, and check out his upcoming live tour dates, on TrevorHallMusic.com
My Own: Meeting in Soul Land

Welcoming longtime friend and soulfully talented musician, Trevor Hall, back to the Mindrolling podcast, Raghu divulges both of their ‘secret dharma names’ and reveals their spiritual meanings. After sharing Trevor’s synchronistic connections to Maharajji and the Ram Dass satsang; Raghu introduces a live performance of ‘My Own‘ from the inaugural autumn season of the Soul Land Music Series: Songs & Stories Inspired by Ram Dass.

“The song ‘My Own’ was greatly inspired by Sri Sarada Devi, who was affectionately referred to as the Holy Mother, and was the wife of Sri Ramakrishna. One of the things she instructed in one’s relationship toward spirit or the divine, is that – that thing, that space – is one’s very own. She stressed this point more than once, that to be one’s very own is the most intimate of relationships.” – Trevor Hall

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In and Through the Body: Fatherhood, Pandemic, & Live Music (12:22)

After chatting spiritual longing and sharing devotional poetry, Raghu asks Trevor to dig into the bevy of changes washing through his life over the past year. Describing the multifold change of pace brought about by the joys of becoming a father, as well as the difficulties of being a musician during the pandemic, Trevor talks the emotions of returning to live performances at Red Rocks, as well as the energy surrounding his ongoing & upcoming tours and new album In and Through the Body

“Red Rocks? A month away? I haven’t played with my band for like two years… But we pulled it together, made it happen. It was wild to be up there again – the craziest feeling. In some ways it was like we never left, and in other ways it was like, ‘What the fuck is going on right now?’ It was just so many emotions.” – Trevor Hall

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Staying at Home in Yourself: Soul Family (33:33)

Sharing on the importance of finding home within oneself, Trevor relays a storied lila surrounding Maharajji’s instructions about ‘staying at home’ to one of his closest devotees, Dada. Tuning back to the sound waves, Raghu plays a rework of Trevor Hall’s track: ‘her,’ featuring Trevor’s wife, Emory, and remixed by Soul Land alumni, East Forest.

“If we can all get to a place where we are home, we’re relaxed, we’re present, we’re being here now, and we understand ‘that thing there’ is gonna take care, and we take care alongside of it, then you really have a sense of home, and a sense of perspective that’s not from the story you tell yourself.” – Raghu Markus

Rampriya Kirtan (1:02:01)

To close the podcast, Raghu reads a devotional poem and shares a recording of a powerful live kirtan from Trevor Hall to the Divine Mother.

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