Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 396 – “Save Us…Generation Z” featuring Zoey Markus

Zoey Markus, Raghu's wise, talented, and entrepreneurial granddaughter, shares her Generation Z perspective on the pandemic, polarizing politics, racism, and kindness as a cure.

Zoey Markus, Raghu’s wise, talented, and entrepreneurial granddaughter, shares her Generation Z perspective on the pandemic, polarizing politics, racism, and kindness as a cure.

In this special episode of Mindrolling, after elucidating classic wisdom from Ram Dass about the process of going from “somebody training,” to “becoming nobody,” Raghu introduces an interview with his multi-talented granddaughter, Zoey Markus. Exploring a Generation Z view on issues of hatred, racism, the pandemic, and polarizing politics; Zoey and Raghu offer wise solutions and antidotes swathed in creativity, mindfulness, and kindness.

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Transformation Through Intuitive Trust

Opening the podcast sharing Ram Dass’ wisdom around the “somebody training” we undergo as we are brought up in this world, Raghu offers the universal antidote to the ‘mini-me’ small self: transformation through intuitive trust.

“Something happens: the universe, the guru, whatever you want to call it, manifests through a book, a teacher, a chant, a psychedelic. For me, John Coltrane playing ‘My Favorite Things’ in a club when I was 16, 17 years old. Then it dawns that there is a path to be free of this sadness, unhappiness, this feeling of being adrift in the world. That’s the beginning of awakening. Then you see a way to follow an intention that allows for transformation. It’s driven through intuitive trust.” – Raghu Markus

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A New Generation of Being (13:15)

Welcoming his wise and entrepreneurial granddaughter onto Mindrolling, Raghu invites Zoey Markus to share what it is like for someone in Generation Z to be experiencing this particularly interesting period of human history. Speaking to the ongoing issues of school over Zoom, being isolated from friends, and noticing the illusory nature of time, Zoey offers perspectives and reflections on being young during the pandemic, polarizing political turbidity, and, most importantly, the fight for racial justice.

“If people teach others and treat others equal, those people will grow up to think everyone is equal. There is a big chain that we need to break. Because if one person is racist, they’ll pass it down to their kid. Then, they’ll tell all their ideas or stereotypes about others to their friends. It creates this virus of racism. It definitely needs to stop, it’s just a matter of how.” – Zoey Markus

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Kindness as a Cure, Entrepreneurial Spark, Artistic Inspiration (27:05)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… After mindfully pontificating about kindness as an antidote for the hate, greed, racism, and polarization in the world, Raghu invites Zoey share what sparked her fresh entrepreneurial spirit in starting her expanding Zolyn Cosmetics – her very own Etsy business – at such a young age. To close the conversation, Raghu shows off some of Zoey’s masterful and spiritually resonant art pieces and welcomes her to offer wisdom to the world.

“Some people want to watch the world burn. It’s hard to change those people’s minds, but maybe we can stop all the hate and racism, and stop the whole virus, by using kindness as a cure.” – Zoey Markus

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