Dale Borglum – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 28 – Trusting In The Heart of Compassion

Dale Borglum – Healing at the Edge – Ep. 28 - Trusting In The Heart of Compassion

Dale Borglum shares a reflection on revealing the true nature of the heart through the cultivation of compassion.

Qualities of an Openheart

What are the defining characteristics of compassion? Dale examines the levels of compassion that we need to cultivate, from ourselves to the person that hurts us the most.

“If you can stay openhearted in relationship to someone that you really have a hard time with, then the way you respond to them will change. You will be able to respond much more wisely.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum 

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Compassion Through Suffering (4:45)

Even if we understand compassion intellectually, there is a difficult process of cultivating compassion. Difficult, because it is cultivated through our reactions to suffering.

“How can we cultivate compassion? I said that compassion is our true nature. Before we get to our true nature there is often a painful process of cultivating compassion. When suffering arises, there are three possibilities. Pushing suffering away, getting lost in it or having a compassionate response. Again and again, we get caught unconsciously caught in the first two reactions to suffering.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum 

Trusting In The Heart of Compassion (20:00)

Dale leads us through a 20-minute guided compassion meditation. He asks us to investigate the motivations behind our thoughts and actions. Looking deeper, we seek to find trust and refuge in the heart of compassion.

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