Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 322 – Decentralized Gurus with Duncan Trussell and Dr. Robert Svoboda

decentralized gurus

Duncan Trussell and Dr. Robert Svoboda continue their Mindrolling conversation with Raghu around trust and surrender, decentralized gurus, and the complexity of everyday karma.

This podcast was recorded live on stage at the 2019 Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat in Maui. Sign up for the Ram Dass mailing list to get information about upcoming retreats, exclusive free teachings and announcements.

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Trust in the Teacher

Raghu opens the show by asking about trust and surrender when it comes to our teachers. Robert reflects on how trust played a role in his relationship with his guru, Vimalananda. 

“If we simply have not yet developed stable trust, there is no sense in forcing ourselves to surrender to our teachers out of a blind sense of duty. In the end, what we are able to accomplish in our relationship with our teacher all leads back to trust.” – The Seventeenth Karmapa

Decentralized Gurus (13:11)

Duncan returns to his role as the skeptic as he ponders how hard it is for some people to trust so freely. He talks about the concept of centralized versus decentralized gurus. Robert reflects on some of the ‘guru dramas’ that can develop in spiritual communities.

“I just think we’re entering into the age of decentralized gurus – gurus that are the sum total of all of us.” – Duncan Trussell

Everyday Karma (24:45)

Raghu, Duncan, and Robert answer questions from the audience about dealing with karma on a day-to-day basis, and the impact of our ancestors on our DNA. Robert delves into the complexities of karma, using a story of Krishna as a backdrop. 

“So, always try to make different mistakes. And try to understand what your personal dharma is. What are you supposed to be doing in life?” – Dr. Robert Svoboda

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