Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 320 – It’s What’s Happening with Pete Holmes and Michael Gungor

it's what's happening

It’s what’s happening when fast friends Pete Holmes and Michael Gungor drop by Mindrolling to talk about becoming nobody, non-duality, and the intersection of wisdom and heart.

It’s What’s Happening

In the spirit of the 2019 Open Your Heart in Paradise retreat on Maui, Pete and Michael share their favorite saying with Raghu, “It’s what’s happening.” They chat about the new Ram Dass film, Becoming Nobody, and what that concept means to them. 

“It’s those simple teachings, those simple ways of phrasing non-resistance and flow, that stick with me. And I say, ‘It’s what’s happening,’ all the time. Flight’s delayed? It’s what’s happening.” – Pete Holmes

Non-dual Resistance (18:20)

Both Michael and Pete embrace the concept of non-duality, but Raghu has a huge problem with it. They discuss the pros and cons of non-duality, and why discriminating wisdom needs to come into play. 

“All these practices, if they’re effective, they bring us into that moment of letting go. They bring us into the non-dual experience, which is presence, which is being, and not that echo of energy where I’m now Michael over here thinking about how I should be being or should be practicing. I’m just in it, I’m just in this moment, in my heart, in my body.” – Michael Gungor

Raghu discusses non-duality with Mooji on Mindrolling Ep. 172
Christ Presence (43:13)

The gang explores embracing your ego, Maharajji and Jesus, and the eroticism of communion. Raghu talks about how similar the new books from Michael and Pete are in terms of how they both deal with the intersection of wisdom and heart. 

“We were riveted in a moment of Christ presence, basically. There wasn’t anything else going on. And that radically changed so much for the rest of my life, it was hard to fathom. No miracles or anything, just a being that could be in the heart of Christ.” – Raghu Markus


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