Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 297 – Liminality and “The Turn” with Duncan Trussell

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 297 - Liminality and "The Turn" with Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell returns to the Mindrolling Podcast for a conversation with Raghu about navigating unknown spaces in our lives and the option that always exists to turn away from our destructive patterns.

Resources from this episode: Support Becoming Nobody, a New Film About Ram Dass  | Mingyur Rinpoche on Mindrolling
In-between Places

What can we learn from our experiences in the uneasy places that exist between the chapters of our lives? Raghu and Duncan talk about navigating ambiguity that exists between any important transition. Together they explore the clarity that is available once we traverse the liminal space. Looking at how that clarity can allow us to see ourselves more realistically and bring us closer to our spiritual practice.

“When you are confronted with all kinds of obstacles, you start to see your psychological stuff more transparently.” – Raghu Markus

Witnessing the Lens of Disorder (12:00)

What happens inside of ourselves when we enter into an unknown situation? Duncan and Raghu discuss the projections and defenses that arise as we travel through life. What kind of courage is necessary to deal with our stuff and move forward skillfully?

“As long as there is an identity, you are going to be carrying disorder around with you. There is no way out of it.” – Duncan Trussell

Ram Dass reflects on the motives for spiritual practice that can liberate us or keep us stuck in our own egos on Ep. 147 of the Here and Now Podcast
The Gap Between Thoughts (36:30)

How can the gap between thoughts offer a glimpse into the mind that is unobscured by the lens of preconception? Duncan and Raghu examine the ways that our spiritual practice can be distorted by the ego. A distortion that can be overcome with awareness as we become more familiar with the gap between thoughts.

Making The Turn (54:55)

Raghu and Duncan discuss making the turn away from our destructive patterns and delusions. How can this turn come to be the first step in becoming nobody? Raghu closes by sharing a meditation from Ram Dass.

“That turn feels so vulnerable sometimes.” – Duncan Trussell

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