Mindrolling – Ep. 213 – MC YOGI

Mindrolling - Ep. 213 - MC YOGI

MC YOGI visits the show to talk about the transformative power of music and living a balanced life with spiritual practice.

MC YOGI is a world-renowned performing artist and yoga teacher. From living in a group home for at-risk youth to becoming one of the most well known and beloved yogis in America, MC YOGI is on a mission to bring good music and good energy into the world. Find his new book Spiritual Graffiti, Tour Dates and more at MCYOGI.com.

Show Notes

Spiritual Graffiti (Opening) – Growing up can be rough and without support it can be easy to become lost. MC YOGI shares how music took him on a journey from confusion and chaos to discovering his path of yoga, music, and art.

“Sometimes books literally fall off the shelf and land in your lap and that happens for a purpose. One of these particular books in my life was Siddhartha by Herman Hess. When my mom gave me that, it was the first time I was exposed to eastern philosophy and eastern spirituality.” – MC YOGI

A Good Book (14:50) – Raghu and MC YOGI talk about the importance of literature in our spiritual lives. MC YOGI talks about the importance that the books Be Here Now and Autobiography of a Yogi played in his spiritual development.

“There were certain stepping stones along the way; like certain encounters with different teachers, different books and different songs that kept moving me deeper and deeper. Then at a certain point, I had to bend back and be able to integrate it back in, so that I could sort of function in society.” – MC YOGI

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A Life in Balance (24:30) – The two discuss the struggle of managing a balanced life and how different practices can help us even out.

“All the practices at their core are centering. Instead of being self-centered it is centering into the Self with a capital S. Really moving the mind back towards the middle so that everything can level from there. If we are even slightly off to the left or the right it throws everything out of whack.” – MC YOGI

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A Love Story (39:40) – We hear the heartwarming story of how MC YOGI found his life partner. He shares how following his heart led him to his true love.

“The moment she walked in the door it was like there was a silent bell ringing inside my heart, like there was some kind of flashing light telling me to pay attention. I knew the moment I looked at her that I was going to marry her. When she walked in through that doorway there was some kind of soul recognition. I don’t know if it was past life or destiny, but for whatever reason, I knew.” – MC YOGI

Spiritual Giant (47:30) – MC YOGI talks about the inspirational acts and words of Gandhi. He talks about Gandhi’s shining light and what the world has to learn from this spiritual giant.

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