Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 207 – Searching for the Soul with Rabbi Naomi Levy

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 207 - Searching for the Soul with Rabbi Naomi Levy

This week on the Mindrolling podcast, Rabbi Naomi Levy shares her journey of searching for the soul and discusses the wisdom shared by all spiritual traditions.

Show Notes

My Father, My Rabbi (Opening) – Rabbi Naomi Levy shares a bit of her story and how she was turned on to her spiritual path.

“My father was in the garment industry, but he was my Rabbi. He taught me from the youngest age. My bedtime stories were bible stories. I can’t explain why or how, but I can tell you from the youngest age that I was going to be a Rabbi.” – Rabbi Naomi Levy

Searching for the Soul (6:20) – We hear the moving story of the murder of Rabbi Naomi’s father and how the pain of his loss evolved into a passionate search for answers about the soul. Rabbi Naomi explains how this search led her to a unique letter written by Albert Einstein about the interconnectedness of all beings which inspired her book Einstein and the Rabbi: Searching for the Soul.

“Einstein’s teaching stopped me completely in my tracks because it totally pointed to everything that I had come to believe in my life about true religion, which is a connectedness that unites all things and all people in the one, in oneness.” – Rabbi Naomi Levy

The Narrow and Expansive Minds (22:00) – In all mystical traditions there is the concept that there exists a both a small constricted state of mind and one that is expansive, which allows us to transcend the self. Raghu and Rabbi Naomi discuss these two states of consciousness and explore the deeper layers of the soul.

“When we are living in constriction we see half-truths and follow the mind’s worst fears. In the mystical traditions, it says the soul actually sees from one end of the world to another. That is how broad its perspective is and that is available to us.” – Rabbi Naomi Levy

One Wisdom (39:45) – When distilled to their most basic philosophy, nearly all spiritual traditions share a core wisdom. Rabbi Naomi and Raghu discuss this shared wisdom that is found in all traditions.

The Healing of Forgiveness (43:55) – Rabbi Naomi shares a heartrending story of tragedy and the healing power of forgiveness.

 “In the end, that day ended not just with forgiveness but blessings and with embraces.” – Rabbi Naomi Levy

Find Rabbi Naomi Levy online and on Facebook. For more on the shared wisdom of the many spiritual traditions, check out this interview with Rabbi Rami Shapiro.

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