Mindrolling – Ep. 199 – Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Mindrolling - Ep. 199 - Rabbi Rami Shapiro

On this episode of the Mindrolling podcast, Rabbi Rami Shapiro returns to talk about the perennial teachings found in his new book, “The World Wisdom Bible.”

Raghu and Rabbi Rami Shapiro discuss the shared message that can be found in the major world religious once we look past the surface differences.


Show Notes

Repairing the Divine (Opening) – An article called “Being Leonard Cohen’s Rabbi” leads to a conversation around Lurianic Kabbalah and a ritual known as The Breaking of the Vessels.

“The reason Lurianic Kabbalah works today, if you take it metaphorically, is the idea that at the heart of everything, to quote Leonard Cohen, ‘there is a crack.’ Everything is broken and can be repaired. That brokenness is experienced continually in our sense of alienation from one another, from nature or even our deepest truest selves.” – Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Keeping it Simple (14:50) – Rabbi Rami speaks to the needless complexity found in so many belief systems. He reminds us the simplicity found in the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba.

“It is an interesting question though. Does it need to be that complex? Or is making it that complex simply a way of keeping the average person from mastering it?” – Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Sub Ek (18:15) – In his newest book, “The World Wisdom Bible: A New Testament for a Global Spirituality,” Rabbi Rami compares the writings of sages from the world’s biggest religions. He talks about composing the book in a way that clearly shows that these belief systems, which have so many surface differences, are all teaching the same lessons on a deeper level. Raghu and Rabbi Rami discuss different ways of looking at the darker material found in these belief systems.

“The whole point of the World Wisdom Bible is to provide people with a text that shows that on a deep mystical level, regardless of the religion, the sages are all saying the same thing.” – Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Pearls of Wisdom (29:00) – Raghu shares some of the passages from “The World Wisdom Bible” that stood out the most to him.

The Eternal Eye (38:00) -Rabbi Rami talks about the notion of the eternal I. The two discuss this perennial concept that we are all expressions of the same reality, which has been echoed through so many traditions.

“You don’t get back to the eternal I, you are the eternal I.” – Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Find Rabbi Rami’s last visit to the podcast here and keep up with the Rabbi online at rabbirami.com.

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