Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 197 – Joel Solomon and Jared “Gagan” Levy

Joel Solomon

Joel Solomon and Jared “Gagan” Levy join the Mindrolling Podcast for a conversation around changing the world by developing sustainable businesses that build social and financial equity.


Show Notes

A Lost Path (Opening) – Joel Solomon discusses his book “The Clean Money Revolution: Reinventing Power, Purpose and Capitalism.” He has us look into our connection to money as a society; what our relationship to it is and what kind of impact it can have. The group talks about moving our aspirations towards wealth beyond the place of self-interest.

Even in our era of abundance and technological possibility, there is incredible inequity and division. Joel points out the need for our current generations to work not just for ourselves but for the generations to follow; so that they may not find themselves in the same dilemma as us.

“Clean money is money aligned with a purpose beyond self-interest.” – Joel Solomon

Finding Purpose (10:15) – Joel shares the path that led him to do the sort of work he does today. He discusses the personal journey that he undertook and the consciousness shift that resulted.

“I took off to seek and search. I wanted to know what the purpose was of my life and what I wanted to accomplish. I felt that I needed time to experience being in my body and being in nature. That I needed something to step outside the norm with and to find myself and my direction.” – Joel Solomon

Bigger Picture (18:00) – Jared talks about what is like as a young entrepreneur to work for more than just profit in today’s market. He and Joel discuss looking at a bigger picture and being more intelligent with our money. Joel shares practices we can integrate into our lives to change our personal relationship to money.
A Network of Good (26:00) – The group talks about the Social Venture Network, a community of business leaders who are committed to using business as a force for good. Joel describes watching the SVN movement grow from a small group of dreamers struggling to turn a profit to large profitable industries. Jared and Joel discuss the difficulties and rewards of going against the grain and standing up for their morals in business.

“The aspiration and reality of finding our way to be in work where we can make the choice of saying yes or no to things that have a purpose and are meaningful to us is priceless to me.” – Joel Solomon

Our Common Purpose (40:20) – Today there is an incredible connection that has been created through our common purpose. The group talks about this cross-generational effort to make the world a better place and the impact it has.

You can find more information about Joel Solomon online and click here to learn more about Social Venture Network. Click here to find Jared online at Bioneers and here to listen find his last visit to the Mindrolling podcast.

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Photo via Social Venture Network