Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep.187 – Big Miracles with Joanna Garzilli

Big Miracles

Spiritual success coach, motivational speaker and author, Joanna Garzilli, visits Mindrolling to talk about intuition and big miracles.

Joanna teaches her clients to use their gift of intuition and to lead through service. She and Raghu discuss the little and big miracles in life, taking responsibility for ourselves and overcoming the traps set by our ego and fears.


Show Notes

Big Miracles (Opening) – Joanna is the author of “Big Miracles.” She talks about miracles and spirit, explaining how the biggest miracles come into our lives. Raghu and Joanna discuss intention, psychic readings, and Samskara.

Blueprint of the Soul (10:15) – In “Big Miracles,” Joanna discusses fulfilling our soul’s blueprint. She and Raghu talk about recognizing our true nature and the work required to actualize it.

Honesty about ourselves is essential to our journey along the spiritual path. Raghu and Joanna discuss becoming the witness to our own thoughts and actions with an objective mind and open heart.

“You are far more than your mind and your body. You are first and foremost a spiritual being.”

Finding Her Path (25:50) – Joanna talks about her own spiritual awakening. Signing up for an unassuming yoga class led Joanna to live life with greater awareness and embrace her spiritual gifts.

Fear and Ego (31:10) – Fear is a powerful emotion that finds its way into every facet of our lives. Joanna talks about making mistakes and the paralyzing fear that we can experience at times from those mistakes. She shares an inspiring experience of confronting her fear of failure in a very public way.

“We have to look inwards. We have to ask where that conditioning comes from. Every moment is an opportunity to grow.”

In her book, Joanna lists six character flaws that come from ego: narcissism, betrayal, revenge, greed, manipulation, and victimization. She and Raghu talk about the pitfalls of ego; particularly victimization.

Accepting Responsibility (51:00) – Accepting responsibility for our lives is essential to living with balance. Joanna and Raghu talk about the difficulty of accepting these responsibilities, which we all face in our lives.

“Taking responsibility for small actions equips us to take on bigger responsibilities.”

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Photo via Joanna Garzilli