Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 177 – One Ground, Two Paths with Lama Tsultrim Allione

One Ground

Lama Tsultrim Allione returns to Mindrolling. She and Raghu talk about devotion, transforming anger, and the teaching of One Ground, Two Paths, Two Results.

Tsultrim discusses our potential to redirect negative emotions in a positive and productive way. She and Raghu talk about her article, “One Ground, Two Paths, Two Results,” which teaches us to recognize the path that leads away from our true nature and the path that leads back to it.

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Show Notes

Transforming Anger (Opening) – Raghu and Lama Tsultrim share their feelings about the recent American presidential elections. They discuss using the tools of practice to move past the fear and uncertainty that the elections left many in. Lama Tsultrim talks about transforming anger into swift compassion. Click here to check out the mantra mentioned in the episode.

“We have to do everything we do and think everything we think for the benefit of all beings.”

Mandalas and Practice (14:15) – How do we work with deep-seeded emotions, like anger, that get triggered during times of stress? Lama Tsultrim discusses feeding your demons and using the mandala as a mirror. The depth of negative emotion is equal to the potential for transforming that emotion into wisdom.

One Ground, Two Paths (22:10) – Lama Tsultrim discusses her article, “One Ground, Two Paths, Two Results.” There exists a foundation of potential within us known as the ground being. On one level, we are awakened and aware of our true nature. At the same, however, that true nature has been obscured or forgotten. Lama Tsultrim describes the paths that lead us towards these potentials and how practice brings us back to our true self.

Emptiness and Realized Beings (32:40) – Tsultrim and Raghu discuss emptiness and compassion. In Buddhism, emptiness is not a nihilistic view it is the emptiness of self-interest and ego.

A being that has realized the true nature of reality, has a degree of control over that reality. Raghu and Lama Tsultrim talk about experiencing these beings and the powers over the material world that they hold.

“If we are looking at Maharajji, he is in the experience of emptiness, but how that expresses itself is as compassion.”

Dilgo Khyentse and Devotion (45:00) – Raghu talks about his admiration for Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and asks Lama Tsultrim about the time she spent with him. The thing that struck Tsultrim about Dilgo Khyentse was his odor of sanctity, which brought her to a state similar to Samadhi.

They also discuss the depth of devotion found in non-dualist practices.

“Devotion is very important in Tibetan tradition. Guru yoga is considered to be the shortest path to enlightenment. Certainly, Tibetan Buddhism is extremely complex, and yet you can just bypass all that with guru yoga”

Meditation on Anger (59:00) – To help bring us back into balance, Lama Tsultrim closes the podcast with a guided meditation on anger.

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