Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 4 – Lama Tsultrim Allione

Lama Tsultrim

Melanie is joined by Lama Tsultim Allione to talk about the role of women in Buddhism.

Lama Tsultrim shares her journey and the path that opened her up to Buddhist practice.

Show Notes

Finding Her Dharma (Opening) – Lama Tsultrim shares the story of her journey to India and Tibet as a young woman. She describes how an early awareness led her away from her traditional life and to one of new horizons.

“I went out on the roof and just sat. At that time I heard pine needles on the roof and thought of how I had been living here every Summer and I had never heard pine needles fall; because I had been busy with myself. In that moment of hearing the delicate falling of the pine needles on the roof, I had a moment of consciousness of consciousness or awareness of awareness.”

A Garden in Bloom (12:00) – The seeds of consciousness that were sprouting inside of Lama Tsultrim in those early years in India were also sprouting in the dozens of others whose lives were touched by Neem Karoli Baba. She and Melanie discuss this powerful connection and the legacy of the Maharaj-ji Satsang; along with their shared psychedelic connection.

Women in Buddhism (20:45) – Lama Tsultrim talks about the role of women in the Buddhist tradition. She shares what it was like as a woman coming up in a tradition where there are very few women in seats of power.

“I think it is a question that most women end up asking if they get involved with either Hinduism and Buddhism, ‘Where are the women in seats of power and transmission?”

Developing our Wisdom (28:00) – Wisdom is developed by our practice and discipline. Lama Tsultrim talks about the practices she teaches to help others develop their own wisdom. She discusses the Vajrayana tradition and what distinguishes it from the modern conception of Tantra.

“Meeting the Dakinis in the Tantric tradition made it seem possible to practice Buddhism.”

Then and Now (39:00) – Melanie talks to Lama Tsultrim about the differences she sees in the 60’s spiritual movement and what is happening today.

“In terms of the openness, I don’t think we have that level now. It was really like an explosion at that time, but I think it is still happening. I think it was a significant impact on the Earth. We are seeing the reverberations of that as Buddhism goes into Google. Now we are seeing it enter the mainstream.”

Forging a New Path (53:00) – Lama Tsultrim talks about her experience leaving her teacher and coming to build the Tara Mandala Temple in Colorado. She shares what it was like years later for her former teacher to visit the temple.

Find Lama Tsultrim and info on the Tara Mandala online. You can listen to more from Lama Tsultrim over at the Mindrolling Podcast.

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Photo via Tara Mandala