Madison Margolin – Set and Setting – Ep. 30 – Revolutionizing Leadership in Psychedelic Spaces with Maya Rimer

Facilitator and activist Maya Rimer joins Madison to talk about rethinking leadership and participation dynamics in psychedelic spaces and beyond.

Maya Rimer and Madison are co-hosts and co-producers of the Jewish Psychedelic Summit at the MAPS 2023 Psychedelic Science Conference. In this episode, the two discuss the way that psychedelic consciousness informs and is affected by leadership structures. They explore how new approaches like, Open Space Technology, can change the way we share knowledge with one another.

“(Open Space) is one of my favorite methodologies in the world because it is so radical. It really allows people to follow their passion and responsibility. It breaks up a lot of these social norms we have… you can invite a conversation – spontaneously, without being prepared for it – you can share knowledge, you can ask for knowledge. Open Space mixes it all up… which really allows for emergence, allows for new things that were there to come forth and be created.” – Maya Rimer

About Maya Rimer:

Maya Rimer is a Participation Specialist, Facilitator, Activist and Host. Maya co-creates and facilitates large group conferences, and has a passion for training, teaching and spreading The Art of Participatory Leadership. She works as an Organizational Consultant with companies, municipalities, NGO’s and communities to enhance participation and engagement, and develop new types of leadership, as well as design and implement processes of change. Maya has extensive experience supporting leaders, and facilitating Grassroot movements and humanitarian groups on the ground in times of Chaos and Intensity, such as the Refugee Crisis in Greece of 2016 or the Summer Protest in Jerusalem of 2020.   She lives in Israel and grows her own vegetables.

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About Madison Margolin:

“I’m a journalist straddling California, New York, and Israel-Palestine, focused on psychedelics, cannabis, and Judaism (in jest, I’ll say “Jews & Drugs”). I also cover culture, policy, and science. I’m passionate and curious about how people can transcend their minds to access something greater than themselves — be it through getting high off acid or God, meditating, creating art, or something somatic, I’ve set out to explore the various ways people nourish their souls. This is what drives me, and most of my writing, in some way or another, connects back to this theme.

These days, I work as an editor at  DoubleBlind, the print and digital magazine I co-founded, covering psychedelics and where they intersect with mental health, spirituality, environmental justice, and social equity. I also co-founded the Jewish Psychedelic Summit and host a podcast called Set & Setting on the Be Here Now Network. I’ve been practicing journalism since 2014 and have been published in outlets like Rolling Stone, Vice, Playboy, High Times, Tablet, and Nylon, among others.

I got my start with a column on cannabis at the Village Voice, just after graduating from Columbia Journalism School. Prior to that, I lived in Tel Aviv, working with Israel’s African refugee community. In a past life, I also lived at a crazy co-op called Cloyne, while studying rhetoric and linguistics at UC Berkeley.

I’m a nerd about language and speak or dabble in French, Russian, Yiddish, and Hebrew. When not working, writing, or reporting, I’m usually dancing, spinning my hula hoop, or practicing yoga.”

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