Lama Surya Das – Ep. 64 – Seeing with Naked Awareness

Lama Surya Das - Ep. 64 - Seeing with Naked Awareness

Lama Surya Das continues his discussion around the Dzogchen practice of naked awareness and how its fruits manifest in our lives.

Listen to the first part of this talk here: Ep. 63 – Awareness Itself

Show Notes

Seeing with Naked Awareness (Opening) – Lama Surya Das discusses the awareness and alternative perspective that is cultivated through the main practice of Dzogchen, the state of natural contemplation known as naked awareness.

“The naked awareness practice; just seeing, freeing the mind. Experiencing, first, second is recognizing, seeing through and remaining undeceived, and third is allowing. – Lama Surya Das

Nothing to Do but to Get Used to It (12:00) – We look at how the equanimity awakened through naked awareness manifests in our daily life.

“This view doesn’t mean views, or opinions. If we look at what it is being translated from Tibetian, towa, and Sanskrit, darshan. This is darshan, the divine audience or seeing God. Darshan is not a view or opinion, it’s the bigger picture – it’s how it is.” – Lama Surya Das               

Live and Learn (18:00) – Lama Surya Das answers questions from his live audience around the experience of naked awareness.

“Only you know. This is where you are in conscious introspection, and very honest self-observation has to come in. ” – Lama Surya Das     

Developing Equanimity and Patience (31:30) – Inner peace is possible at any speed or decibel level. Lama Surya Das speaks about maintaining awareness and equanimity, regardless of our environment or stressful circumstances.

“Patience also includes acceptance and forebarence by its very nature. If there is nothing that is hard to accept, if there are not things that make you impatient or irritated, then how are you going to develop patient forbearance? ” – Lama Surya Das     

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