Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Episode 11 – Surrender, Responsibility, and Pain


KD responds to questions on some of the more common themes encountered on the path, including true surrender, and where our responsibility lies in making decisions. Pain is also discussed in regards to illness, and how we can remain present throughout our struggles.

Episode Outline

  • Unconditional Love – Maharaji saw behind all of the self-judgment, which showed KD that it was possible to begin to love himself
  • Responsibility – The only real choice we have is to pay attention to the moment, to attempt to disengage from the conditioned mind, and operate from the deeper self
  • Peace of Mind – Is a state of being, not a specific action
  • Presence in Pain – Despite seeming helplessness, we can always come back to the practice
  • No Points for Pain – The Dalai Lama Said So
  • Pray for Hanuman – We too need to be reminded of who we truly are


Photo via Existential Buddhist