Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Ep. 145 – Trust Your Own Heart

Hinging on the importance of trust and self-awareness, Krishna Das helps listeners accept themselves and live in ultimate reality. Get ready for a long one – full of music, mantra, and wisdom from KD’s years of practice.

Today’s episode originally aired on Krisha Das’ “Hanging Out In the Heart Space” online satsang on January 20th, 2022. Be sure to subscribe to Krishna Das on Youtube to get new episodes of “Hanging Out In the Heart Space”, fresh music from KD and more: Krishna Das Music

“We haven’t been brought up in a culture where people really trust themselves. Everybody is telling everybody else what they should be feeling, what they should be buying, what they should be doing, how they should do it, what they should wear, what they should listen to. Nobody is listening to their own heart. That’s what we have to learn to do. – Krishna Das

This week on Pilgrim Heart, Krishna Das imparts wisdom on:
  • K.C. Tewari’s mantra practice
  • The divine mother’s nature to give
  • What it truly means to go within
  • Identification of thoughts, feelings, and the physical
  • Subjective versus objective experiences
  • Relative and ultimate reality
  • Surrender and agreeing to be ourselves
  • The puppet and the puppet master
  • Stories of Rama and his role of imperfection
  • Krishna as the rule-breaker
  • The universal advice of loving, serving, and repeating the name
  • Overcoming greed and shame
  • Getting rid of bad habits with awareness
  • Living through Heartbreak
  • Developing inner strength by having a regular practice
  • Trusting our own heart and intuition
Check out the book that Krishna Das mentions, Dev Bhumi, written by K.K. Sah

“Ultimate reality is when the dust and the dirt on the mirror of the heart is cleaned off, then what is seen is no longer subjective or personal. What’s experienced is what is real and that is beyond concepts, beyond thoughts and emotions.” – Krishna Das