Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Ep. 122 – Purify Your Heart

This week on Pilgrim Heart, Krishna Das speaks about purifying the heart via connecting to Maharaj-ji and recognizing your awareness.

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Being Close to Maharaj-ji

Maharaj-ji opened people’s hearts and continues to do so now. His unconditional essence of love was almost non-human. Krishna Das explains that this love transcends Maharaj-ji’s physical death and he actually feels closer to him now that he has passed. This is from a combination of Krishna Das’ spiritual maturation, his karmas, and his remembrance of Maharaj-ji.

“Maharaj-ji is like the sun, and I am just a fruit hanging on the tree. I ripen at my own rate according to the way the sun shines on me and my own karmas. It is up to him to keep my heart open and it is up to me to keep remembering him.” – Krishna Das

Staying Aware (19:40)

Krishna Das responds to a viewer’s question on the fear of losing awareness while asleep. Krishna Das says that there is no way to lose your awareness. When we sleep we are not technically aware of the outside world. However, when we wake up, the outside world still exists. This just means that your ego was not aware of the deeper presence, the deeper awareness that always exists. You are always here whether you are awake or asleep. Only the body is sleeping.

“You cant lose your awareness. Not now, not ever. Awareness is actually who you are.” – Krishna Das

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Purification of the Heart (24:28)

Krishna Das explains that it may not be necessary to meditate. Maharaj-ji never explicitly said anyone must meditate. It is not possible to get into a purified state when you are using your ego to will yourself to do something. For example, if you were meditating only because someone said you had to in order to reach enlightenment, you would be doing so out of ego and not from the heart. Maharaj-ji says that by chanting and repeating the names of Gods/Goddesses, we are able to access that pure flowy space of the heart. We come into deeper states of consciousness naturally as the heart is purified. Stay tuned as we close out this episode with more chanting.

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